July 11, 2018

Modeling Casting Call

Hire A Model On Patrol Saint Joseph, Michigan

Compensation: $25 an hour and up / $1200 a day

Please email apply at our website: www.hireamodelonpatrol.com

We are currently looking for females to join our team. No experience necessary, No height restrictions, No Age restriction. Under 18 must be with parent.

We are always scouting new models & talent. We offer both Exclusive and Non-Exclusive agreements, we do not charge any sort of fee, to those working with us. Our income is strictly dependent on our ability to find work for you. We are looking for both the experienced as well as the beginning Model & Talent. You will find that we treat you like family. We believe that if it is not in your best interest, then it is not in ours. If you are looking for fair and honest representation, then give us a try. After all, if you don't, then we both loose.

We are not an Agency, nor are we a listing service. We provide legitimate, professional management to help you get your career started. We charge no up-front fees and work strictly from a percentage of your income. We will NEVER charge you for photographs, classes, printing or consulting services.

The key element to success is exposure!
Talent is like silver, the more you polish it the greater is shines. We want to provide the freshest newest faces and talent that there is to offer.

Our commitment is to the promotion and success of you. If you don't succeed we don't succeed. We do not approach anyone unless we believe they have potential. There are no hidden costs or surprises waiting. We can't guarantee fame and fortune, but we do our best to promote you.

If we choose to represent you then you can believe we will commit ourselves to advancing your career. Every resource and contact we have will be put at your disposal We will help you to believe in yourself. The greatest success in life comes from within. When you believe in yourself what you can accomplish knows no bounds.

We have access to wide network of individuals within all branches of the entertainment industry.

Our models have been featured in commercials, magazines, catalogs, calendars, posters, promotional/tradeshows, and graced runways featuring designer fashions.

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